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White-check Starling: Why they are treated as a harmful bird?

White-checked Starling

What bird is White-check Starling?

I'll answer the above question.

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"White-check Starling" is common wild bird in Japan. They are sometimes treated as a harmful bird. But, they are cute and interesting bird.

So, I'll introduce the charms of them.


White-checked Starling

White-checked Starling

Order: Passeriformes
Family: Starling
Species: White-checked Starling

White-checked Starling (Spodiopsar cineraceus) is living in eastern Asia. It is common wild bird in Japan. They are called "ムクドリ (Mukudori)" in Japanese.

The female body color is lighter than the male's color.

Pair (Left: female, Right: male)

White-checked Starling pair

Why they are treated as a harmful bird?

White-checked Starling likes the open space. So, they originally lived in farmland, and forest around there.

They are a useful birds for farmers, because they eat pests. Many farmers thanked them before.

White-checked Starling adapted to the city and town recently. And they are treated as a harmful bird.

Because of below reasons.

・Drop many droppings.
・Tweet loudly.

The farmers are decreasing in Japan. In particular, at an urban area. As a result, White-checked Starling was unfamiliar with many japanese people who live in city.

They spread green area in the city

"Muku" of "Mukudori" (their Japanese name) is a tree name. They like nut of "Muku Tree". In addition, they eat various kinds of nuts as well as "Muku Tree".

↓ They eat nut of "センダン (Sendan)".

White-checked Starling

Therefore, they drop droppings on the electric wire. It's means the seeds of various tree are spread from place to place of the city.

They are useful bird that spread the green of city!


White-check Starlings are sometimes treated as a harmful bird in the city. But, they have many charms and useful part.

I'm happy if you will become interested in the charms of them.

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